In 2010 Wyresdale Park Estate opened five Feather Down Country Retreats on the shore of the beautiful private lake with stunning views to the 500 acre fell land. Each private encampment is surrounded by woodland where children can build camp fires, dam streams and sail wooden boats.

At each County House Hideout there are a hamlet of tents. These comprise your main tent, a discovery tent, a shower tent, a hot tub and cooking cart. Your stay will be under the sort of capacious canvas that graced the African plains during the reign of Queen Victoria. Livingstone and Stanley would feel quite at home here! Every Hideout is full of life’s little luxuries like a comfortable bed, proper furniture, flushing toilets and a wind-up gramaphone! Light your wood burning stove and sit back on your deck watching the sun go down.

To book a Country House Hideout or for more information then please go to or contact Sally on 07740 111331