Midweek Weddings

5 Benefits of Booking a Midweek Wedding

It’s hard to ignore the numerous benefits of having a midweek wedding with so many couples increasingly ditching the traditional Saturday ceremony and choosing to tie the knot on a weekday.  So with several dates currently available for midweek weddings here at Wyresdale, we thought we’d better share with you our top 5 reasons to hold the ceremony during the week;  

1. Budget

The cost saving of a midweek wedding can be quite significant, typically 40%. The savings made could then be used to make your special occasion even more extravagant than initially envisaged or to perhaps contribute to an extended honeymoon.   

2. Suppliers availability

You’ll generally find that your first choice entertainers, photographers and caterers are more likely to be available for your special day. Plus many suppliers offer mid-week incentives,  enabling you to go all out on the extras. Here at Wyresdale the estate runs at a quiter pace, giving the venue an increased aura of exclusivity and intimacy.

3. A day off work for your guests

With many guests taking a day of work to enjoy your special day, it adds a special and intimate feel to the occasion.  

4. Start your honeymoon on the weekend

Tying the knot midweek frees up your weekend to get the honeymoon underway at the weekend, which can work better with many travel/flight operators.

5. Secure the venue dates

With many key dates now booked up, especially in Summer, setting a midweek date could ensure that your dream venue is still available around your desired dates.

For further details on our mid week weddings and promotional packages, visit this page on the website.



James Whewell