How to Get Married on a Budget

It’s the event of your lifetime we all dream about; beautiful dresses, crisp suites, champagne and flowers but the reality can make it difficult when you’re on a tight budget. So how exactly do you get the most out of your money and get married on a budget? Here we list the important things to consider when getting those costs down to something much more affordable, without settling for anything less than perfection!

  1. Think about your guest list. You may want all your friends and family to share your special day, but do you really need old acquaintances or a friend of a friend, or perhaps the guy you chat with in the local supermarket on your way home on Fridays. Absolutely not. The key is to avoid huge wedding guest lists by being super selective, and whatsmore, you’ll have a much more meaningful day with the people that matter most.

  2. Consider the venue. Does your reception have to be in Grand Country Manor? There are some beautiful alternative venues, where you can combine your ceremony and reception, cutting your costs by half! By thinking outside the box a little, you could have a more meaningful and picturesque wedding venue without the high costs.

  3. Ask around for help with the wedding. The chances are, you have a friend or relative who is a dab hand with baking, perhaps an aunt who enjoys crafts or a friend that enjoys photography. Make the most of the skills of people around you which could save you a fortune for wedding favours, flowers and photography or even a DJ or musician! Most people would be honoured that you asked, so go on and find out!

  4. Personalise your wedding invitations. There’s something very sweet about receiving that wedding invitation through the door, made all the better when a lot of care has gone into making it. So why would you pay hundreds for someone to design one and then print them off, when you could put together a beautiful design, personalised and handmade. If you’re unsure about handmaking your own wedding invitations, you can also use online companies which offer templates so you can still save money whilst producing a memorable wedding invite.

  5. Scour second hand shops for props. Everyone loves to dream about how the wedding venue will look, flicking through numerous magazines, drooling over silk and gold threaded chair covers or table arrangements. Why not consider searching through second hand shops or antiques centres for furnishings and props for your wedding. You will definitely find something unique whilst decorating a wedding venue on a budget.

  6. Honeymoon with a difference. There’s no need to skip a honeymoon entirely, but you can have an incredible and memorable time together by doing things differently. Hire a nice car for example and go on a road trip. Focus on what matters between you both and savour your time without breaking the bank. You don’t need to sacrifice the precious moments at all to get married on a budget.