The Benefits of Wild Swimming

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The Benefits of Wild Swimming

Dipping your toes in natural waters is a universal pleasure, but did you know that the benefits of wild swimming are huge! And whatsmore, the opportunities are right on your doorstep with numerous lakes and open waters available to wild swim.

The health benefits of immersing your body in natural waters have been widely known and used for hundreds of years. From the hot underground baths of Budapest to the Lakes in Lancashire, people such as Charles Darwin and even Florence Nightingale often took cold baths to help reawaken the soul! They and many others before them used natural pools and open water swimming as a way to strengthen their mental and physical state and reinvigorate the senses.

Immersing your body in cold water not only soothes aching muscles but is also known to alleviate depression. Minerals in natural water are known for helping your body as well as the mind, as your body releases natural endorphins once immersed in the water which heightens the mood. Many studies have also been carried out which prove the long-term benefits of cold-water swimming and you can’t argue with NASA!

NASA’s research showed that repeated wild swimming can lower blood pressure, reduce fat, increase fertility and my favourite; increase libido! Other benefits of wild swimming include better circulation, as your heart reacts to the cold temperature and pumps blood to your organs and in doing so, removes all those unwanted toxins. It is also good for your skin and particularly your complexion with studies showing long term anti-ageing effects. And it doesn’t matter where you choose to swim – lake, pond or sea – there are endless possibilities wherever you live, you are never far from natural water.

Of course, swimming in general is a great form of exercise but outdoor swimming works your body much harder than indoor swimming, making it a great alternative and completely free! As well as burning more calories, open water swimming allows you to experience the outdoors within a beautiful natural environment with fresh air and fabulous views. Tarns are a particular favourite as they provide a much needed and well-deserved break at the top of a mountain and you definitely can’t beat the views!

Overall the benefits of wild swimming are endless with very few reasons not to give it a go! The Lake District is the obvious choice to indulge in some open water swimming in the UK as well as the beautiful Lochs of Scotland, however there are many lesser known lakes around the UK which are perfect for wild swimming. Not only are they closer to home and easily accessible but often much quieter so you can be sure of some peace and tranquillity while you while away the hours en plein air!

There are also many wild swimming groups available to join, so if you’re slightly unsure of doing it solo or perhaps you’re hardened to the cool temperatures, then why not start your open water swimming journey here at Wyresdale Park with Attitiude Swim Coaching.

Why not come and join us on Thursday mornings 7-10 am, water is still on the chilly side, if you’re not an experienced swimmer then wearing a wet suit is advised. Cost £5 p.h, no need to bring a buddy.

Wanting to start your open water swimming journey, let Attitiude Swim Coaching guide you on a two hour session including; how to get started, open water techniques, followed by a brew and cake in the cafe and chance to chat about how best to progress your journey.

Cost £30