Beautiful Barn Weddings

Beautiful barn weddings are becoming increasingly popular, as many people are turning away from the traditional wedding venue in favour of sharing their vows under high eaves and exposed beams, surrounded by the flora and fauna of the idyllic countryside. If you’re looking for that perfect alternative setting for your wedding, that both you and your guests are guaranteed to love, then here are several reasons to consider a beautiful barn wedding…

Many of us have become conditioned to the fast-paced lifestyle of the inner city and fantasise about a life far less complex. A life removed from the traditional urban scene provides us with a glimpse of the simpler life, and a life we all secretly long for – if only for that special moment. There is certainly no denying that barn wedding venues offer a beautiful, yet rustic setting, whilst also giving you the opportunity to style and decorate the interior exactly how you like. Whether you opt for simplicity or elegance, a barn wedding gives you a blank canvas that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. You will most likely have full control over how you want to decorate the barn; from seating arrangements and beautiful wedding installations, to flowers and lighting! It really is yours to transform! 

One of the great benefits of a barn wedding is the exclusivity it gives you! The barn space, adjacent buildings and even outdoor spaces, provide you with ample options for both your wedding ceremony and reception; allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your wedding venue. Enjoy the serenity of the ceremony chapel, before continuing your celebrations in the main barn, along with a beautiful bridal suite and guest accommodation nearby.

A barn wedding is a truly magical and unique experience and unlike many wedding venues, a rustic barn wedding can offer a large amount of space allowing you to invite up to 150 guests to share your day with, whilst equally enabling you to create a beautifully intimate wedding experience within the abundance of space available. It also provides an elegant space without the inherent formality often associated with traditional wedding venues.

Wedding barn venues in the Lancashire such as Wyresdale Park are often rich in history and beautiful architecture, making them both an interesting and unique wedding venue as well as an idyllic backdrop for wedding photography. With so many beautiful buildings and spaces inside and out, you are certain to gain professional wedding photographs within the natural ambience of these countryside settings, regardless of the good old-fashioned British weather!

Your choice of wedding venue is as much a reflection of your identity as it is about providing an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. A beautiful barn wedding is timeless and guarantees to frame your memory within a truly exquisite setting for years to come.